The life that is…

Some may think Colie is that of a dogs name, nope that is just my endearing nickname given to me by my nieces and nephews; Nicholle was too hard to say when they first started talking. Today I sit here as a happy 28 year old who has a husband that adores her , a huge family who I couldn’t live without & a hopeful spirit; two years ago that wasn’t my state of mind but that is for future posts.

Currently sitting in Alabama on a fun family vacation with my brother,husband and grandmother which is sadly coming to an end in two days. I’ve been wanting to write a blog for the past two years , just to tell my story, my life & the mountains and valleys I have been put through. Now I know “it could be worse” some may say and you’d be right, also people currently have a lot more terrible things going on but; at 26 being told you cannot have children well that’ll throw a wrench in the plans you thought you had. I promise this won’t be one of those mellow-dramatic blogs, my goal is to be real, open, make you laugh, cry and smile all while thinking wow I wanna meet this Colie chick.

You know how they say when you marry someone you want them to be a good balance for you,Michael is just that. Now I am a pretty high strung, OCD, type A personality person, whereas Michael is an easy-going, stress & worry free kind of guy. We do come together on a few things though, we will do anything for anyone to a fault, we trust the Lord with all our decisions in life & we put faith as the number 1 priority.

I hope you come back to read more and to see where I was to where I am now, I am a continuing work in progress.




4 thoughts on “The life that is…

  1. I love the words you chose to express your feelings. I appreciate the talent it takes to be concise while still portraying a vivid image. You are an inspiration.

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