What’s next?!?

Hey all!

Funny had you asked me a few months ago whats next I would have told you; doing somethings around the house, tons of summer fires, traveling etc. Now fast forward to today and ask me whats next? I have not a clue!! Its an odd feeling the unknown, but I guess the truth is do we ever know whats next? I mean we sit here and make plans and think we know but we don’t. So now I sit and think what am I to do with myself?

Sitting in my cute, quaint apartment with my candle burning I take in the blessings I have come across these past few months. Crazy huh? Literally in a 3 week period my life went from living with my husband, & two dogs in my awesome house to being separated and in my own place. Yes I consider myself blessed, despite my struggles and turmoil life has brought me.

I love to soak in Gods beauty now more than ever, I go down port and sit by the ferry and watch them, sit and enjoy the peace and stillness. Finding new spots, new sights, parks, boutiques (new favorite is Madison’s Niche) down in Stony brook village. I have fallen into a “emotional retail therapy” habit; yes I need to stop! I am now on one salary which is different for me, shopping for myself is different for me in general, when I had a house that was priority & I am now learning how to prioritize for just myself.

Guys, I am not going to lie I miss the hell out of my old life, the HELL out of it!! I just go into each day now thinking well I have hit bottom and now I can only go up which means my life will be awesome again! Just a different and new kind of awesome.  I promised to always stay true to myself now and think and pray what do I want, what is meant for me now? In time we will tell….

Smiles 🙂


The peace on a walk and my fur babies!!

2 thoughts on “What’s next?!?

  1. Not knowing whats next can be scary or it can be a fun adventure or a funny series of missteps until we have found our footing. Knowing you are making the decision to take the chances for change is so far into yiur next chapter, you just dont see it yet. I have done it twice now thru 2 marriages & divorces then 2 cancer diagnosis & recoveries. It wont be easy but when we do look back you will say Wow I got from there to here… I know I will get to where I want to be.
    I love my strong heartbroken daughter… i always will! ❤️


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