Divorce Diet?!

Hey all!

I don’t know about you but so many women and men say once you are separated/divorced you get fit and feel amazing. I do not know what those people do but let me tell you I always felt I had an addiction to food and this has just amplified that 100x. It is no ones fault but my own, I literally think about food from when I wake up till I go to bed. I am looking for groups that can help me, but I know a lot has to do with my frame of mind & how I view myself.

Being cheated on and betrayed leaves a person feeling a type of way that makes you feel icky and not good enough. Some women and men probably take that as a time to revamp themselves and become the best version of themselves. I have done so in the way of I got my crap together fast, I did not let the grass grow under my feet as my mom would say, I knew I could not sit idle. Food surrounds everything I do, when I’m home I’m eating, work I’m eating and snacking, social events eating, I’m sad oh I’m eating etc. I know there are fellow humans out there who feel the same either now or in the past.

Literally saw pictures and videos of myself from events of this weekend and I was horrified!! “Where did Nicholle go?” There was a time in my life where being fit and looking my best meant so much to me, and now I go out without makeup , I eat whatever and I let myself go. Now I’m not saying every woman needs makeup and to be super fit, this is just my view of myself! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but I am a firm believer in being healthy!

Some people also have horrible divorces and separations and hate each other and drag it along forever. Luckily for me its not the case, mine is more sad and devastating not so much hate and loathing each other.

Positive note today I ate on point all day even at home so that is a step in the right direction right? My goal by next blog is to have eaten well the whole period of time and work out.

Till next time…



4 thoughts on “Divorce Diet?!

  1. I am doing Weight Watchers. If you want to very let me know and I will give you details if where I go and when. I can relate I am an emotional eater also! ♥go easy on yourself!


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