One door closes…

Hey all,

You know that saying ” when one door opens another closes” that literally took place this week. Wednesday was a very bittersweet day, I went and sat in a room across from the woman buying the house we had just purchased a year and a half ago. Another chapter of my life closed, a chapter in a book I would have kept reading all my days. However; he made that impossible for me and God has bigger plans that I am to one day see.

When life really throws a bunch of curve balls at you, and you truly don’t know whats what; that’s when you find an inner strength you didn’t know you had. Trust and  believe people I have my moments, I’ll start the day on a high, then think too much, then be fine and then cry for 20 minutes; but the point is you keep on moving. Lately life has felt a little better for me, I find myself making a lot of new memories & laughing a lot more.

Even within my family things happening I never thought possible, I pull up to my moms yesterday and see my dad and his fiance next door helping her neighbor and then come over to my moms and just talking like its normal! Strangely enough it felt fine, growing up most times were tense with my parents but here we are two years after their divorce and he is in her driveway with his new person. Things like that baffle me yet, make me see things won’t always feel this sucky and life moves on.

As I walked through the house Monday night, sitting in the master room crying on the floor and yelling into the air at someone who was not there to hear me I did feel a sense of release and I left locking the door behind me and not looking back. As I said bittersweet sums up how I felt so well but this situation  does not make me regret any part of my life. I’ve grown the past years of my life so much and I will continue to do so.

Any advice I can give and was given to me, take people up on their offer to be there for you! Whether it is a night out, sitting on your couch with you while your having a bad day, let them. I’ve gotten through so much lately and it is many thanks to those awesome people around me.

Smiles 🙂


3 thoughts on “One door closes…

  1. Coming through it on the other side . Life comforts us with the familiarity of those who never left our sides. Sometime we are the ones who needed to remember. So happy for you & this Nicholle re-emerging .It is quite funny how some things never change ( crazy Sundays all together) luv Mom


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