All things new…

Hey all,

It has been a few weeks since my last post; been in my head way too much! A lot more strides taken, a few emotional moments but all in all it has been a great August so far. My best friend and I were talking about how much we are doing this summer, both together and separate. Days in Green port, family Sundays, beach days, day trips to hike; its been a nice, relaxing time that I needed in this stage of my life.

How many of you get into a funk? I have been in one for two weeks, but I know these are just minor emotional set backs and I will be A-OK. I was given a devotional and was instructed to start at the end of the book because it was all about being a  “people pleaser” and how it only leads to disappointment. I have always been one to need to have everyone like me, and always say yes to favors even if I maybe did not want to and the list goes on. If you look to a human to satisfy all your needs and make you happy you are screwed! Plain and simple, I am learning and growing, January I wrote that I started to do more for me and less people pleasing but I am a work in progress.

Those who know me know I don’t usually go out of the box and I like to plan ahead of time however; lately I am trying to do the opposite. Last weekend I went on a random day trip to Bush-kill falls and hiked the whole thing with my sister and her fiance. You know if you have been there it is fenced off with wooden fences to not fall or go over; but in my ” I am on a mission to be spontaneous” moment I went under the fence and made my way across the water and up to stand under a water fall!! It was an amazing, freeing feeling and I smiled the whole way there and back. Disclaimer I could have fallen and broken many bones so I am not saying go ahead.

My life has been a roller coaster since March, and I didn’t think I’d make it past week one let alone almost 5 months now, but so much has now been brought into perspective and I realize how much worse things could have been. I am so grateful for the new opportunities I have had and that I feel hopeful again.

What are somethings you do to get out of your head, and out of a funk? I’d love to hear all about it!!


Smiles 🙂


3 thoughts on “All things new…

  1. One time I had a conversation with someone and I took it one way and then began to think it wasn’t actually what I thought when I reread it, I’m positive she thinks I’m crazy. I was in a funk for a long time!! It’s funny how not caring so long makes you pretty scared when it happens again. Unfortunately for me she deserves better.


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