Thirty and Thriving…

Hey all,

Fun fact, 30 years ago today I was brought into this world! So many things I have learned in this life thus far and so many more things to come. I started my 20’s living with my boyfriend, happy, then engaged and married all by 22. I have ended my 20’s almost divorced and living in a spare room at my Nanny’s house; life works in mysterious ways. I did not however; start my 30’s with any regrets nor am I sad where I am in life right now.

As all my readers know I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason, it is what has gotten me through everything so far! So I begin this next decade of life with purpose, a desire to change my ways and continue to become the best me I can be. Learning to love yourself is a long journey, some people are gifted with that ability and they genuinely love themselves and are happy and I love that! For others like myself it is not so easy, I nitpick everything from my toes to my hair on my head! Like most men and women alike I see pictures from like 5-10 years ago and say ” wow and I thought I looked fat then, or ugly then” its terrible how we talk about ourselves. Only we can change our outlook and become more positive & admire ourselves even just a little bit.

I want to see myself succeed in life, I want to make my own happiness and not depend on others. I want to push myself with my trainer and get in the best shape for myself, I want to live each day grateful and with a purpose. If nothing else my 20’s taught me life has many up’s and many down’s, life can hit you like a ton of bricks and make you feel like you’ll never get up again, but the good news is you will!

In a week span I lost my marriage,husband,faith in humanity and life, my job and a “best friend”, I thought “this is it, I cannot survive this”, fast forward almost exactly 7 months to the day, I am okay. I left my 1st apartment I ever lived in solo about a month ago, I moved in with family for a win-win situation; and I am taking on this new chapter of life with a new attitude. I know I say this often but I feel its worth repeating, I love and adore my tribe of people so incredibly much! I truly do not believe I would have made it this far otherwise.

I woke up today to and am currently still getting a tremendous amount of love for my birthday & it fills me with such joy and I’ve had a smile from ear to ear since yesterday. It is a great feeling to be loved and to love others.

Until next time…

Smiles 🙂


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