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Hey all!

There is so much hate going on today , or is it that it has always been around but now people are just even more fed up than before? I for one cannot stand by anymore, I will not dine with those who chose not to see color or those who are outwardly ignorant racist. Saying you “do not see color” just makes you stupid, in plain English. God made each one of us beautiful and in all colors and shades, you are meant to see color , you are just not meant to hate someone because of theirs!!

As I stated in my previous post I was definitely ignorant in many areas but mostly in black culture and politics. I still will never claim to be well educated on either subject but at 30 years old I am trying. At 30 years old I am educating myself, and listening to those who personally have dealt with racism in their lives. I stand for my Godson, my nieces and nephews, my brother in law and his family. I stand for all of my loved ones who have suffered at the hands of white America!

I can deal with political differences, I can deal with religious differences, but I cannot/will not deal with racist people in my life. Racism according to Webster dictionary is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

To think this has been happening for far too long, as I read and watch documentaries and really take in what is being said what has and is going on it can make one sick. I was watching “Central Park 5″ on amazon prime today, I already had seen ” When They See Us” on Netflix a while back; to see those men in the interviews years after the fact, to witness the injustice they encountered. I cannot fathom that happening to a loved one of mine, to be targeted because of their race, to be tortured in the interrogation room , starved and sleep deprived just to get an answer that the cops wanted, makes my blood boil! That was back in 1989, I think in my mind I believed after the civil rights movement and MLK Jr, I thought huge progress was made, again I was uneducated. It is now 2020 and it is as if we are back in time , history is repeating itself and this time unless there is a major change in our system, I do not see this ending.

Again I will make this clear for my readers, I am not anti-cop, I am not pro- looting and riots. I am however, pro-protesting and making a change. I believe the bad cops need to be held accountable, I believe they need new laws in places to give cops more rules and regulations. I believe all states should have “anti-hate crime” laws, it is crazy they don’t. I have a cop in my family who I know abides by the law and would never do something so heinous to another human, I have friends who are married to cops and I feel the same about them. I just want those good cops to stand up to the bad ones & we need more transparency in the force.

Being blind to white privilege is as ignorant as saying ” I don’t see color” . I am white as can be and I am not offended with the term white privilege because I did research on what that means, it is not a dig at “white” people , again it is not meaning we have not struggled, it means that our skin color has not added to our struggles! My childhood was not rainbows and butterflies , neither was my adult life thus far but my skin color does not add any stress to my life or make me look over my shoulder or almost throw up when I see a cop coming up behind me.

There cannot be this divide, it is not suppose to be white against black, the truth is right now it is EVERYONE VS. THE RACIST PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. It is not enough to post about it on social media and do #BLM, what are you going to do personally to make a change? Is it educate yourself or loved ones, is it finding out how you can help make a change to current laws or make new ones? Any step towards learning is a step away from ignorance, you will be better for it, trust me.

I would love feedback, let me know what your learning or what changes you plan on making. Our fight will not be done until we don’t have to worry about our black loved ones out in the world doing everyday things.

Smiles 🙂


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