When words are not enough….

Hey all,

It has been a while since I wrote but so many discussions have been had on what is going on in todays society and I felt the need to use my platform, so here it goes. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that so many people want to fight against BLM and the true hate on black America. I even saw today a new acronym for BLM- “Burn, Loot and Murder”, like really ?!?!

I am disgusted that so many want to bash the movement instead of taking a moment to see why it is necessary. No , I do not support the burning and looting I think that goes against the point of the movement as a whole but can you take a moment to see why it has come to this? I HATE the “All lives matter” and “Blue lives matter” sayings, because those were just made to take away from ” Black lives matter”.

I recently was at Ruby Tuesdays in Jacksonville, NC and I was sat by a very nice hostess. A few minutes later she came up to me and asked what my bracelet said and I showed her it was my “Black lives matter” one I wear daily. She showed me that she has the same one but it was flipped inside out, she said they do not allow them to wear that at work. I said “what really, so let me ask you this if someone comes in with a Trump shirt or Biden shirt do they get turned way”? She said nope, I said “so do you have any black people working here?” she said “yeah we have 5 on right now”, I said “please tell me the manager does not have the audacity to ask them to not wear it ?” and sadly she said “yup they all get asked to turn them inside out.” When I got home I immediately wrote the corporation and got no response, I was sad more so for the black employees there, not being able to wear something that expresses their deepest feelings.

I need to express that I am not anti-cop at all, I am anti-bad cop and anti-hate crime. I know cops, detectives and correctional officers all of whom I have had conversations with about these matters. I do my research, I do not claim to know all but I do continue to learn how I can make a difference. I have lost close relationships with people because as I have stated I can deal with political and religious differences but the matter of racism is not something I will ever overlook. If you believe white privilege does not exist, no other way to say this but your ” blind and dumb”. If you don’t see how blacks are treated differently then whites, again “blind and dumb”. Sorry, not sorry, enough is enough and I will continue this fight for my loved ones.

Smiles 🙂


One thought on “When words are not enough….

  1. Speak out for the workers that can not speak out for fear of losing their jobs. I am proud of you standing by your convictions. Hundreds of corporations will not allow employees to advertise political or thought/emotion provoking clothing or accessory to work. It can become a dangerous situation for the employee it can also cause trouble for the corporation. That isn’t something unheard of. It is such a shame but I bet that it has a lot to do with how it sets people off in different areas of the country. Some good some not so good


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