The Divide…

Hey all,

At 30 years old I have never seen things as they are today, the left vs. right, the white vs. black, Trump tribe vs. Biden supporters, 2020 has been a shit show! I always try to stay out of the fire when it comes to politics, I may make my views known briefly but then I move along, There is no secret that my feelings on racism on the other hand I will never be brief and keep it moving. Don’t worry I wont beat a dead horse, I have tons of posts on my views. The voting got me this year, the most important election in my life and I was turned away at two polling stations.

I had an absentee ballot in hand and the directions were clear, drop off at any absentee ballot drop off poll, I went to one they said they did not do it there, they sent me to one another 20 minutes away knowing it was a ballot from New York and on my lunch break I continued downtown and was turned away. I won’t lie, I cried. This election meant more to me then any one before, and I was turned away. I understood if they can’t get my vote for senate seats in NY that is fine but at least count my presidential vote. I am glad though to see how many mail in votes came across and how many absentee ballots were dropped off and how many people went and voted and got their voices heard.

Truly, I just want more peace and unity, we need a leader who is anti- white supremacy 100%, a leader who wants equal rights for all, those who know me know I do not sit and fight to keep abortion an option however; when that is one positive thing one candidate does compared to the many wrong things they do, I had to go and choose with my heart.

I get the luxury today to sit a coffee shop downtown with a latte writing this blog, meanwhile there are kids in ICE torn apart from their families like savages, just longing for something normal again. These are the issues that stick with me and I am aware this is not all our current presidents doing but he surely made this country more racist then I remember it being in my teen/adult years so far. I never was one to say I don’t love my country because I do, I just know we need a change and to grow together. This year has been an emotional roller coaster for I would say every human? Famous deaths that rocked the world, to a virus that is still killing people left and right without warning, deaths of innocent black men and woman, riots and protest, to an election that caused a divide of insane measures.

With the holidays coming up I hope people can become kinder again and realize in the end what’s going to be will be. Enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate, hug your loved ones harder because a lot of people lost theirs this year. I never think politics should come between family members , I will however; agree racism is a valid reason to cut ties or lessen your communication with friends or family alike but not politics come on!

I for one am so grateful to be down here in SC with some family, doing my own thing and to be on my own. It is scary but amazing, and to be here watching my Godson develop and grow into this little boy is the biggest blessing of them all. I will always encourage him to be the best he can be, as he grows into this world as a mixed child he will know he is never alone & he can do anything in this life. I know this post was all over the place but that’s how many tabs are open in my brain at the moment. Readers-stay positive and love with all you have.

Smiles 🙂


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