A Year In The Life…

Hey all!

Yes I stole that from Gilmore Girls (sue me)… I saw this trend on facebook today of people taking the time to reflect on 2020 in a monthly form and I was inspired to take you through my life in 2020. Started off in one mindset and ended in a different more positive one believe it or not.

January-Brought in the New Year with my new itty bitty Godson & ended with watching with the rest of the world when Kobes helicopter went down and all those lives lost, really put life into perspective.

February-Started with a city trip with my girls Megan & Liz to the Loreley Beer Garden for brunch and then to a hotel bar and spent the day laughing and drinking, then went home to finish watching the Super bowl.

March-As the talk started that the world was to shut down, we went in mid March for another girls day with more of us and had bottomless mimosas and tons of laughs. It was the last girls day before my sister was set to move away. Six days later my job shut down and my quarantine started, and life as I knew it was different like so many others.

April-Month 1 of full quarantine, helping my cousin with school work and I got even more into it then she was! My sister and her little family left for SC to start a new life. We celebrated my cousins 17th birthday and I blasted Stevie Nicks song with the “Edge of seventeen” as she came down the stairs.

May &June- Mothers day was spent outside of my moms house with masks on and our chairs 6 feet apart and still had a great time and used the grill to make breakfast! We made a lot of memories at home with Nanny, my Aunt and Cousins, ordering in weekly to support our local businesses, making cocktails and watching shows and movies together. Fathers day we did a bbq in the park like when we were kids and then mid June my job re opened. I went back for a week and bam got a fever and was quarantined for 14 days ( tested negative but all my symptoms were right there with Covid). Ended with getting accepted to move into an apartment down here in SC and quit my job.

July-Tied up loose ends, went out for a few “goodbye dinners” and then on the 25th took a road trip down here and moved in.

August-Witnessed my sister marry her best friend and created my 1st month of memories here. Went to Alabama with my brother to visit my grandma, came back and started unpacking and organizing with the help of my sister and brother. Started a new job in which I love and made new friends. Ended with a bachelorette weekend in Maryland and made so many fun memories with my sister on the road trip part and plane ride.

September&October- September was low key nothing too exciting to report, October celebrated birthdays, & visited the real country out in “Bamburg” , ended with a fun Halloween party.

November- Went to Jamaica with my mom and one sister to celebrate my birthday, Danielle’s graduation and Thanksgiving. It was so nice to be there and make memories , to just get away and sleep on the beach or in the pool (which I did a lot of).

December- Started with celebrating Royce’s 1st birthday, with my mom and dad here from NY. It was so nice having them here along with my aunt and uncle and family from NC, and some of Sean’s family from NY as well. Royce was spoiled in a necessary fashion and everyone made the day so special. Christmas Eve in NC and Christmas Day here at home, and ended with NYE at my brother in laws brothers house.

All in all 2020 was full of memories, good and bad. I am blessed to still be here and I am proud that for the first time in my 31 years I made a decision to uproot my life and start over. I have a long road ahead of me, learning to love myself and spend time with myself. I’ve made huge strides if I do say so myself, and I am thankful I have this opportunity to be close to my sister , Godson & family here and my little old fur baby.



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