What a new year means…

“New year, New me” heard that one before? it’s funny why does it take the turn of a new year for people to feel now is the time to reinvent myself, now I can focus on me again. I am one of those people that says that very same thing. Truly though I have been thinking more about what makes me happy and how can I be the best version of myself?

I wake up daily not liking the skin I am in, can any of you out there relate? but this does not make me wake up at 5:30am like I’ve been promising myself for weeks and go downstairs where I have a fully usable mini gym, no I instead snooze my alarm till I have just enough time to wake up, put my coffee on, shower and go. However; although I have not gotten my weight or diet under control just yet I have taken control of my mental state. I sought help for my depression ( & no that does not make anyone weak) and took control of my excess migraines and I feel somewhat human again.  I have a support system as well and that I truly believe is what keeps me going. I have friends and family who have my back, I know I can be myself flaws and all and in the end I am still accepted and loved.

I am currently listening to an awesome audible book that has a lot of good points one that stood out was “how can you expect anyone to believe your promises when you break promises to yourself consistently” I thought to myself wow! I do break them all the time, I say being the best version of myself is priority but I still go and grab that take out or eat those chips ignoring all the “clean” food I just bought that same week that is just sitting in our fridge.  I am letting the world know my truth I am addicted to food and it is just a real a thing as any addiction. I think about what I am going to eat for the day as soon as I wake up and I eat when I’m happy, sad, bored, literally whenever and whatever emotion I am in I want to eat. How to break the never ending cycle? naturally I have done tons of research, I know what to do now the hard part, putting it into practice.

Us woman are so darn hard on ourselves, and with social media being what it is now it does not help us any! We need to find ourselves a group of woman who uplift each other, who do not make you feel less than. That is one other thing I came into 2019 with, getting rid of the negative and focusing on the positive, trying to be easier on myself & kinder to others. I am a work in progress and will continue to be.




5 thoughts on “What a new year means…

  1. I love your honesty & that you can let your vulnerability shine in order to be true to yourself and reach others.
    Come dance with me..join me doing what I started 2018 with. It’s fun and it’s a ‘judgement free zone’ 😊

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  2. It is very brave of you to get personal and be so vulnerable with this post. You have taken tremendous steps already to better yourself by seeking help for your depression and migraines! That is something to be so proud of and the rest will come – one step and one moment at a time. Thankfully, you know what you need to do to continue on this path of health and happiness and you have a wonderful support system by your side! Xoxoxo


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