Ignorance is bliss….

Hey all,

Isn’t it funny how sometimes a song can make you realize a lot of past thoughts and ideas you use to have. This may crack some of you up but it was Taylor Swifts new song ” You need to calm down” made me realize a lot on how my mindset use to be. It wasn’t till maybe a couple of years ago my eyes opened to be more accepting and love everyone genuinely. I blast the song in my car and sing it on the top of my lungs like no ones business.

On a more serious note, I also think maybe was I ignorant in thinking my life would be a certain way because I was “a good person” there is no way my “perfect” life would be disintegrated in a millisecond. Me being one of those treat others how you want to be treated kind of people I expected everyone in my life to act accordingly, silly me I know. All these little thoughts keep coming to mind as I think of my life up to now, the things that I let myself believe to be true. The truth is my beliefs and values made me who I am today & my current situation has showed me what I am capable of & how open my heart can be.

Fast forward to current day, I genuinely laugh again, I try to go out more often & be around positive people. I’ve learned “me” time is so important, if anyone reading this gets anything out of this grasp on to this; TAKE YOU TIME!! Men and women alike, if you run yourself on empty you are of no use to anyone. Now I am not a parent but I know if “me” time makes as much of a difference to me I can’t imagine how much a parent can benefit from some as well. Recently I listened to another awesome episode of one of my podcasts and she was saying she plans her whole year. When she takes vacation, the days she turns her phone off and spend time with loves ones , when she does her blogging and work. I know that’s not possible for most, probably not even me but I would like to challenge myself to plan monthly. Schedule the ME TIME, the quality time with loved ones with no distractions etc. Who is up for the challenge with me?

Smiles 🙂


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