…and still I rise…

Hey all,

Thanksgiving has come and gone just like that, you spend hours in the kitchen preparing all the dishes just to be scarfed down in under five minutes! It is still one of my favorite holidays, no gifts to exchange, no pressure of spending tons of money, just each others presence. Being thankful should be something you reflect on daily not just once a year, but I do enjoy seeing and sharing what everyone is thankful for; it does bring a sense of joy. For me personally with how 2019 has gone I am just thankful to still be here period, my mental state was not always great since March and truly I didn’t care some days if I were alive or not but I am and I am so grateful for that.

This season stirs up a lot of emotions really I believe for anyone who has lost someone either among the living or those who have passed on. You are reminded of the times they were with you and the memories you’ve made. The thing about each day is you can make new memories that will also last you a lifetime. This past week I accomplished something I did not think I could; I flew solo to and from Texas! Now that is huge for me, I do not like flying at all period but I always had someone with me (still hating it ) but now I was solo and I made it without any tears! Had I not overcame my fear I would have missed out on so many fun memories of this past week, endless Mexican dinners, new tattoos, meeting a new famous person (whom I did not know existed before this trip), making Thanksgiving dinner with my Aunt and nights out on the town with my family.

The truth is I don’t know if people know their own strength till they go through something that leaves them no choice but to be strong. This year has taught me that I had an inner warrior I never knew before; granted I rather not have had any of what happened happen however; I am growing everyday to see the woman I was meant to be with a strength that is undeniable! If you are reading this and going through something not knowing which way is up or down just know YOU GOT THIS; you will overcome and face this obstacle and grow from it.

“And still I rise…” the tattoo I got this past week speaks volumes to me due to all the turmoil, sadness and betrayal I went through this year; I am still here and I rose from the deepest darkest I’ve ever been and I pray to never go back there. I hope everyone reading this had a fabulous Thanksgiving as well, with many new memories made and tons of laughs.

Smiles 🙂


One thought on “…and still I rise…

  1. ❤️ you surrounded yourself with some very amazing people. I cant think of anywhere better for you to have been this year. I love you


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