One for the books…

Hey all!

I love to sometimes sit and reflect on my life now and what has transpired, the good, the bad and in between. Being down here in South Carolina I often look back at the time before I moved and all that time I got to spend at my Nanny’s house. While the world was falling apart around us, we created so many memories before I moved, I learned I have quite the talent for bartending. To this day Nanny texts me when she make one of our concoctions from quarantine. So much happened in 2020, like so many say it can be its own history book. From famous deaths, to a global pandemic, to riots and protests to a political shit show, 2020 has been a crazy one.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I have so many good memories in a time when so many lost people and couldn’t see their loved ones. We kept all of Lindenhurst restaurants in business thats for sure, we would order in weekly, watch shows together especially our wheel of fortune and jeopardy every night at 7pm. It also gave us time to talk about real issues going on in the world at the time, taking the time to educate ourselves and express our views without judgement.

To those who lost loved ones to this virus and couldn’t have a proper burial, my heart breaks for them. For the ones I lost in the group home and they died alone, my heart is broken. To learn one of my individuals was put in a mass grave because she had no family to give her a proper burial I am heartbroken and angry. For my sisters husbands family who had to do a funeral via zoom and had to watch Nana cry begging for her husband to wake up, my heart is shattered. While all this is happening we still have ignorant people who won’t wear a mask or will go on and on about why its not necessary. To those people I say I hope you never feel the pain of losing a loved one to this unseen deadly killer.

I know like many of us we thought by 2021 masks would be that of 2020 only, not the case and because of people not doing their part numbers are going back up everywhere. With that being said I will be honest, I will not be taking the vaccine, I will wait and see how it works, see the people who have gotten it and look at some statistics before rushing to get one. Like all of you I hope this soon becomes a thing of the past, I miss the simpler times of dinner out, brunches etc. Family gatherings over 10 people and to not worry every time I or someone I love has a sniffle that its Covid.

Ending 2020 grateful for this year, grateful I am still here and breathing, grateful I moved to a different state to re start my life and find myself. And I will be one of the people saying “Jumanji” instead of “Happy New Year”when the ball drops!!

Smiles 🙂


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